Adsense Alternatives In India

Do you own a website or blog and interested to earn money from it , Then this article is for you.

Getting adsense approval is a dream for many bloggers . If your application got disapproved , Then Don’t worry there are adsense alternatives which will help you to generate revenue from your website .

Here Are Top 5 Adsense Alternatives :

  1. Chitika

Chitika is an online advertising network and an best alternative to adsense . It is user friendly and best part of it is one can enable chitika ads with adsense at a time ( Adsense Friendly ) .

Getting chitika approval is easy .

Payout Mode : Payoneer .

Minimum Payout : $50

CLICK HERE to apply for chitika ads

2. is a global advertising company it offers search , native , display , mobile , local advertisements .

Getting approval from is not that easy as chitika ( That’s the reason why I placed it 2nd )

Payout Mode : Paypal

Minimum Payout : $100

CLICK HERE to apply for

3. Infolinks

Infolinks is 3rd largest advertisement publisher in market place with 100k plus websites .

Make sure your website or blog has all important pages ( privacy policy , contact us , about etc., ) to get approval .

Payout Mode : paypal , payoneer

Minimum Payout : $50

CLICK HERE to apply for infolinks.

4. Propeller ads

Propeller ads is a display and mobile advertising network . Pays based on CPM . Getting approval from propeller ads is easy . Based on revenue its good but keep in mind that its not that user friendly because of pop up ads .

Payout Mode : skrill , Payoneer

Minimum Payout : $5

CLICK HERE to apply for propeller ads .

5. Amazon associates 

Amazon associates is not like PPC and CPM . It pays when ever a sale generated from your advertisement . This is completely user friendly and getting approval is also easy .

Payout Mode : Bank Wire

Minimum Payout : 1000inr

CLICK HERE to apply for amazon associates .

Affiliate Marketing is also one of the best way to make money through website or blog CLICK HERE TO READ MORE .

Domain Flipping Or Domain Selling Business

Why Domain Flipping is the most profitable business ?

Generally , a Business with less investment and having more returns are considered to be Best . Exactly , Domain Flipping Or Domain Selling Business comes under this category .

Let’s see What’s Domain Flipping is..

Domain flipping is a process of buying a domain deliberately and selling it for premium or higher price in order to make quick profits . So many people took this business seriously and made it as a career .

For example , “A” bought a domain for 10$ by knowing its importance that the domain will be useful to someone in future , And placed a sell order for 1000$ . Here “B” is another person required same domain for his business . So, “B” doesn’t have any choice and wants to buy same domain for 1000$ . Here “A” is cashing out the demand .

Here are top 5 Domains Sold for Crazy prices :

carinsurance(dot)com – $49million

insurance(dot)com – $35million

vacationrentals(dot)com – $35million

privatejet(dot)com – $30million

internet(dot)com – $18million

Where to buy or register a domain name : 

  1.  BigRock – CLICK HERE TO BUY
  2.  GoDaddy – CLICK HERE TO BUY 

Domain Buying Tips :

  1. Domain name should be easy to remember.
  2.  Avoid Numbers (1,2,3)and special characters (!-*)in domain name .
  3.  Make sure that domain name doesn’t exceed 12 characters (Small Domain names are easy to remember ) .
  4.  If your domain name has keyword it would be added advantage .
  5.  Consider buying popular domain extensions like .com , .in , .net , .info etc., (.com would be quite popular among all )

Domain Selling places :


domain flipping

Make sure to verify domain name to increase promo level ( visibility)

All About Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the best way to make money online by referring products or services online through affiliate link or referral link to others .

Whenever you visit popular e-commerce websites like amazon ,flipkart , snapdeal ,paytm mall , aliexpress etc., you’ll be finding a link to become an affiliate at the end of the webpage .

How to earn money from amazon

These companies pay little commission to you when a sale happens with your affiliate link .

Lets see the process of making money from affiliate marketing :

  1. The first step is to register as an affiliate from  e-commerce websites like Amazon , Flipkart , Cuelinks etc.,
  2.  And the next step is to choose product you are interested in
  3. Copy that product url and paste it in affiliate marketing site .
  4. You’ll be getting a new link generated from site called as affiliate link .
  5. That’s It! You can start referring it to others to make money , when ever a sale is generated through your link you’ll be getting affiliate commission .

Requirements : 

  1. A Blog or Website .
  2. Youtube channel : CLICKHERE to know how to create a youtube channel .
  3. Any Social Media Page ( Facebook , Instagram ,Twitter , Telegram Channels , Quora Etc., )

Minimum Payout :

Minimum payout will be varied from website to website For example , In order to get payment from amazon your earnings should reach equals to or more than 1000inr , For Flipkart its 2500inr and cuelinks is 500inr . Payment methods will be NEFT / IMPS / Paypal .

CLICK HERE to know how to get visitors for your website .

Here are some Tips Helpful to maximize your earnings from Affiliate marketing :

  1. Always provide genuine information about product or service .
  2.  Read user reviews .
  3. Always use images to your blog posts .
  4. Better use short Urls in youtube channel .
  5. If possible compare product with other products and mention its pros and cons .
  6. Check whether any coupons or cash back vouchers available .

List Of Affiliate Websites