We are living in a time of innovation. Any place you go, you take it with you, and it saves you during your drives or holding up in lines. Your telephone, tablet, PC, eBook peruser, music player… The rundown goes on always (do you recollect the occasions when we scarcely had cell phones?).

So the coherent thing we as a whole do is conveying our devices during movement, keeping them safe, and getting the best use out of them. What’s more, I realize it can get confounded – so let me help you uncomplicate it!

This is my definitive go-to rundown of devices and rules when going with innovation, so I can protect every one of my gadgets, charged and helpful.

This rundown is adequately isolated into two sections – one with contraptions and one with assistants to help you make the best out of said devices.


This is my definitive go-to rundown of devices and rules when going with innovation, so I can protect every one of my gadgets, charged and valuable.

In the event that you need to work while you’re making a trip – this goes to understudies, bloggers, entrepreneurs, distant representatives and numerous others – you obviously need a PC. Interesting points when choosing a PC (on the off chance that you don’t have it or considering supplanting the one you have)? Size, extra room, and battery life!

You most likely would prefer not to haul a 4kg PC around (I’ve been there, trust me), so focus on a size up to 13″ and weight under 2kg. My Asus X301A is a 13,3″ PC, weighing simply over 1,5kg, and I can without much of a stretch fit it in my satchel (or rucksack, obviously).

Something else to consider is PC’s strength – you certainly don’t need it breaking into (at least two!) pieces while it’s imparting space in your rucksack to a huge load of other stuff you convey with you. Put a couple of bucks in a PC sleeve – an essential one does the work impeccably!

Update: I presently have a MacBook Pro and I utilize this water-repellent sleeve case for it. It’s inconceivably thin and shields the PC from (almost) everything! Also, it fits. Cracking. All over the place.

Something else worth referencing is ensuring your information is upheld up. I believe Dropbox with my life with regards to this theme – so when you approach a dependable web association, back your photographs up (on the off chance that you pursue Dropbox through this connection, you get 500MB additional extra room!). Additionally, ensure you are the one in particular that can get to your passwords – I have the entirety of mine in 1Password and it’s a flat out alleviation to have such piece of psyche.

Guard your PC: Use your PC when you’re in where you will not leave it unattended or nod off close to it or anything thusly. Which means: don’t utilize it on open vehicle in the event that you don’t actually need to, and ensure it’s securely bolted (for example in a cabinet/storage) in case you’re leaving it in your inn/inn room.


This is my definitive go-to rundown of devices and rules when going with innovation, so I can protect every one of my gadgets, charged and valuable.

I wouldn’t have the option to go without my telephone for two integral reasons: I use it for photography until I put resources into a camera, and Internet leaves me alone in contact with my friends and family around the planet (and stay aware of web-based media). The main thing, however? It’s opened.

This implies that at whatever point I visit a country for over a day or two, I am in an ideal situation purchasing a paid ahead of time SIM card. On the off chance that you are going in the pinnacle of the period, you’ll see that most suppliers offer momentary traveler bundles (I purchased a €3 SIM card in Montenegro, that gave me €3 credit and some measure of calls, writings, and information for an entire week!). Chances you’ll pass less expensive utilizing your home arrangement and information instead of one of the nations you’re visiting are practically non-existent.

Guard your telephone: There are such countless approaches to get your telephone lost or taken. I’m not saying you should stroll around frightened to death, yet additionally follow presence of mind and don’t leave it unattended. The best guidance is to keep it in a zipped pocket (if conceivable) at whatever point you’re not utilizing it.

The most awesome enemy of burglary application I’ve gone over is Cerberus. It allows you to follow your telephone, lock it, wipe its memory distantly, snap a picture with a front camera and numerous different things that can help you discover your criminal – or if nothing else shield your information from them.


This is my definitive go-to rundown of devices and rules when going with innovation, so I can protect every one of my gadgets, charged, and valuable.

However much I love perusing actual books and going on them on outings, they take up a gigantic measure of room and it makes them unrealistic. This is the reason a couple of years back I’ve put resources into a Kindle Paperwhite. You can in a real sense store many books and you will not be compelled to pick which ones to go on to your outing – you can just ‘take’ them all and choose en route. In the event that you as of now have some PDF books, you can without much of a stretch transfer them, as well!

Protect your Kindle: Common sense functions admirably here, as well. Much the same as your telephone, don’t put it down in where anybody can undoubtedly get it and leave. To shield it from getting harmed, keep it in an attractive case – I keep mine in the MoKo case that I’m fixated on – and it’s very convenient, since the cover additionally puts Kindle on reserve when shut (consequently saving battery life), while likewise saving it from scratches and harms.

Alright – since you have the devices to make your movements simple, and when you realize how to guard them – here are a couple of different things that will make them utilitarian consistently.

Fitting converter

In the event that I need to say the one thing I’ve generally required with me on pretty much every outing I took, it is an attachment converter. There are so a wide range of electrical plugs across the world, so as opposed to purchasing an alternate converter for all the various nations, just get an all inclusive one. It can change over any fitting you have into any attachment you need – so have it with you, generally.

Electrical line

How often have you remained at where you just had one source for yourself? Get an electrical rope – plainly, the one that accommodates your nation’s attachments – and afterward use it with the converter to make more electrical plugs for yourself. The most perfect (generally minimal) rendition of it I have yet seen is a four-way plug extension suggested on Nomadic Matt’s blog, yet I actually haven’t discovered a particularly little form for UK or Croatian fittings (on the off chance that you do, let me know!).

Force bank

This is my definitive go-to rundown of contraptions and rules when going with innovation, so I can guard every one of my gadgets, charged and helpful.

Also, last, yet not least – in the event that you are an individual that has never yet required force in a hurry, you ought to be granted. For a serious long time I wouldn’t concede that I need a force bank since I’m a glad proprietor of a Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, whose battery effectively endures as long as two days all at once. (Update: I presently have an iPhone 6s and its battery life is similarly as stunning.)

Yet, it now and then happens that after those two days I just neglect to charge it (or I use it more than expected), and I take off from my home the following morning with 7% battery. Along these lines, I got dependent on Ember and Earth’s force banks that hold in excess of two full charges! Keep one in your rucksack and make sure to energize it after you use it.


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